ИЛИ Questions for Beginners

Purpose: To increase reading fluency. I intentionally left out pictures so students would rely on words rather than visual support.

1) Create или questions and put each on a PowerPoint (see my examples). You can customize these endlessly! One fun thing to do is introduce a word they’ve never seen. For example, in тако: это класс или еда?, students have never seen еда before but they can easily pick it out as the correct answer (and identify it in a later slide).

2) In class, have one student read the slide out loud and have that student choose another student to answer (I have popsicle sticks with all student names on them, so I just pick two).
3) This activity was created for students with only a few days of Russian exposure, so it would be a lot to ask of them to create their own. However, I’ve had them make them later in the year and also had my higher classes create slides for the beginning students.