Fruit and vegetable board game

Board game to practice names of fruit and vegetables. You can replace pictures with vocabulary covered in your class. 

Students start at the "Старт" square, roll the dice and move according to the number on the dice.

When they land on a particular square they could:

- simply say the name of what they see in the picture ("Это лук");
- say if they like what they see in the picture ("Я люблю лук" or "Мне не нравится лук")
- name a dish that has what they see ("Лук есть в супе")
- say if what they see is usually eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner ("Лук обычно едят на обед или ужин")
- say if what they see is popular in Russia or in their home country ("В России любят лук").
- they can put the word in a certain case (genitive: нет лука, instrumental: c луком, etc.)

The person who come to "Финиш" first - wins!