Compare pictures

Working on verbs лежать, стоять, prepositions of place, numbers, conjunctions “а” and “и,” and the verb быть in the past tense.

Description: Print and distribute to students. They have to describe the images, using active vocabulary and grammar. The photographs allow them to practice a) the prepositional case (на столе, на фотографии, на книге); b) the verbs стоять, лежать, есть (книга лежит); c) simple words (лампа, деньги, журналы etc.); d) the verb быть in the past tense; e) the conjunctions “а” and “и” (На этой фотографии есть деньги, а на этой нет); f) prepositions of place (за, возле, на etc.); g) numbers and using the genitive case after them (два журнала, etc).

Students may work alone or in pairs. As an additional exercise one can suggest that the students imagine what the people in the photos are doing (what are they reading, what languages do they speak, etc).