Reevaluating Teaching Practices during the War. Episode 2 (in Russian): Interview with Maria Khotimsky

Maria Khotimsky is Senior Lecturer in Russian at Global Languages section at MIT. Her research areas include  literary translation and translingualism, as well as content-based and project-based language instruction, with a focus on  Russian for STEM curriculum. She is also a co-author, with Marina Alexandrova and Irina Kogel, of Telemosty, a website for supporting conversation exchange. 

Today’s conversation with Masha continues an important and very relevant discussion in our field. We will talk about the reaction of students to the war in Ukraine, the changes in our curricula and materials that were made in the spring and summer, and the changes that we might need to make before the beginning of the fall semester. Masha will share practical ideas, tips, and information about various resources for working with students of different levels in Russian language courses, literature, and culture. In addition, we will talk about how to build the first lesson for beginners in the most effective way.

Listen to the interview here


These links have been shared among various Slavic Studies groups on social media, the list is only a small selection of many resources  that have been shared in the past months. I’m  grateful to Vitaly Chernetsky, Oleh Kotsyuba, Amelia Glaser, Anne Lounsberry, Ainsley Morse, and other colleagues for sharing the links. I hope these may be helpful as you consider extracurricular events, speakers, and plan your class materials for the upcoming academic year. 

Resources on Ukrainian literature and culture:  

List of resources and announcements about new book publications at HURI website

LITHUB series on contemporary Ukrainian poetry, curated by Amelia Glaser

Ilya Kaminsky’s conversations with Ukrainian poets:

KinoKultura Issue on Ukrainian Cinema: 

Resources on decolonization

Responses to the war, oppositional movement in Russia and in the diaspora

Андрей Лошак, фильм “Разрыв связи”

Интервью с деятелями культуры и фильм “Человек и война” на канале  “Скажи Гордеевой”

Исследование Шуры Буртина: “Войти во мрак и нащупать в нем людей. Почему россияне поддерживают войну?” Russian or in English

Many excellent articles and opinion pieces (in English) about opposition to the war can be found at “The Russian Reader” website:

Buryat Activists against the war

Russian Oppositional Arts Review

Reflections on literature teaching by scholars in the U.S.

An article by Ani Kokobobo

NYU Jordan Center Seminar on XIX Century Scholarship