Ночь перед Рождеством (Н.В. Гоголь)

This unit is designed for use with students of Russian who have achieved an intermediate level of proficiency.It can also be adapted for individual study. Students studying without a teacher can check the answers to exercises in the answer section at the end of the unit.

The unit includes pre-reading exercises focusing on acquiring and practicing vocabulary essential for the comprehension of the text; the story by Nikolai Gogol has been adapted for students’ proficiency level and glossed with some of the challenging vocabulary. Following the text are comprehension and discussion questions, grammar exercises, role play activities, and essay and presentation topics.

A key is printed on the final page.

Данный материал разработан совместно журналом " Russian Life" и Teachrussian.org при финансовой поддержке фонда "Русский мир".