What I Do Every Day

Goal: Practice forms of imperfective verbs in the present tense, practice vocabulary on the theme “Everyday Actions.”

Time: 10 minutes

Handout materials: none

Exercise Guidelines:

This exercise requires two volunteers: a boy and a girl. They are actors. The teacher gives them cards, on which are listed actions that people perform every day: wash, take a shower, shave, paint lips, get dressed (range of expression, of course, depends on the students’ level and their past themes).

Select the actor or actress. They take turns showing 5-7 actions, which they usually perform over the course of a day. The remaining students have to name the actions: he shaves or ties a tie, she paints her lips or puts on a dress, etc. After the actors’ “performances” one of the students lists the actions that they demonstrated, using verbs in the past tense (он брился, она красила губы, etc.) The exercise can be made more challenging by asking the students to use verbs in the perfective aspect (он побрился, она накрасила губы). The other students add to and/or correct them.