Кто это?

To increase reading fluency by presenting students with (very obvious, confidence-building) multiple choice questions. Bonus: students are invested in this activity because they can choose people important to them. Advise students to use Wikipedia in Russian to find out how celebrity names are spelled (at this point in their alphabet knowledge, trying to spell the names themselves is too much and you’ll need to do a lot of corrections on the student-submitted slides).

1) Create a demo slide (see my Putin one) with three options. Include a photo of who you’re talking about and three possibilities.
2) In class, have one student read the slide out loud and have that student choose another student to answer (I have popsicle sticks with all student names on them, so I just pick two).
3) Homework is to go home and create three (or whatever number you feel is appropriate for your class size) slides and send them to you. (I like to use Google slides.)
4) Compile student slides before the next class and randomize them. Repeat step 2 with the student created slides.