Путешествие по России на велосипеде

The unit is based on the article about a trip across Russia.The unit consists of three major parts. The first part prepares learners for reading the article by asking them to talk about their own travelling experiences, review special vocabulary, including words denoting bicycle parts, verbs of motion and compound words. The second part is the article itself divided into three parts. Each part includes glossed text and comprehension questions. The third part includes several creative assignments, all based on the article and the topic of travelling. The material can be used with students who achieved intermediate-low level of proficiency, as well as heritage students of Russian. The unit can be easily adapted for individual study. A key is printed on the final page.

Данный материал разработан совместно журналом " Russian Life" и Teachrussian.org при финансовой поддержке фонда "Русский мир".