Интервью с Бенджамином Ривкиным

We interview our guest, Benjamin Rifkin, Dean and Professor of Russian at Hofstra University and the author of several textbooks, including most recent Panorama (co-authored with E. Dengub and S.Nazarova). 
Podcast host Dr. Natalie McCauley and her guest discuss a number of topics related to language teaching and assessment, such as:
- how oral prociency workshop changed Dr. Rifkin's teaching;
- why it is important to study abroad and why just “being there is not enough";
- how teachers could reduce their presence in the classroom so that students get more time to use the language;
- why successful language classroom is a ‘noisy’ classroom;
- the concept of "intensity of engagement' and an alternative approach to lesson planning;
- how Dr. Rifkin assigns and structures students' presentations; 
- ways to sustain students’ motivation as they continue their study of Russian,
and many others.

**In the middle of the interview, Dr. Rifkin refers to a phrase in Russian, noting that it appeared in a first-year textbook only as a footnote in Chapter 20.  That phrase is “What’s your name?”

We hope you will enjoy this interview with Professor Benjamin Rifkin!
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