Appearance: Lesson Plan

Students will learn new vocabulary, recognize it through reading and listening and use it in a conversation.

Students will create a description of a celebrity for their classmates to guess.

Students will create an email where they will need to provide their host mother with necessary information about their friend.

Time: 30-50 minutes

Warm-Up and Lead-in (Activating Schemata)
The teacher shows students two pictures of two women with very different features, asks them what they see in the picture and where they think these women come from and why (both women are Russian). Then teacher says that now we are going to describe these two women together and confirm or contradict your guesses.

The teacher then presents two descriptions in the form of a story of these two women.

After the presentation, students receive handouts with the text of the presentation and work with a partner underlining new words and negotiating their meaning.

Students then discuss the meaning and determine the exact translation. Teacher and students negotiate meaning together.

Working with a partner, students (using new vocabulary) answer the questions pertaining to the content of the presentation.

Students get sets to do a matching exercise: to match the pictures of celebrities with the description of their memorable features.
Students then choose a celebrity they want to describe for others to guess (working in pairs).

Production (Can be done as homework or as part of the next class)
You are on a trip in Moscow, Russia. Your best friend is coming to visit you and you are supposed to meet him/her at the airport. Last minute you were pulled by your boss to attend to an emergency. Call your host mother and leave a voice mail asking her to pick your friend up from the airport. Make sure to give her as much of a description as possible to help her recognize him/her. Add any other details she might find helpful meeting/interacting with him/her.